Ergo Balance

For the relaxation area

Ergo Balance is the perfect combination of budget and quality. Our budget option for an active sitting chair offers all the features to keep you healthy, but without weighing on the pocket.


Подготви се за летния офис!

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Improve your day with a healthy chair for active sitting.

Ergo Balance е идеалното решение за хората, които търсят стол за активно седене, но с оглед на ограничен бюджет. Този продукт предоставя същите предимства за правилна стойка и активно седене, но на по-достъпна цена. Той помага да се раздвижите пред бюрото или в релакс зоната

Защо Ergo Balance?

Разбираме, че здравето на гръбначния стълб е от ключово значение за всеки, за това искаме да предложим опция, която е по-достъпна. Ergo Balance е резултат от нашите усилия да предоставим решения за всички, без компромиси с качеството и ползите.

Едно от основните предимства на Ergo Balance е способността му да поддържа правилната стойка и да раздвижите тялото докато седите. 

Suitable for All Ages

Ergo Double е подходящ за хора от всички възрасти, които искат да се възползват от здравословните предимства на активното седене. От деца до възрастни, този продукт е предназначен за всеки, който иска да се грижи за здравето си.

Improves blood circulation

Recommended by experts

It provides convenience and comfort

Adapted for children and adults

Specially designed for all age groups, including adults, children, and adolescents.

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Other product benefits

The correct angle of the seat reduces harmful loads in the lower back

Prevents the possibility of developing stagnant phenomena in the pelvis and the appearance of hemorrhoids

The load is borne by the front of the shins, not the knees and feet.

Maintaining normal physiological curves of the spine (lordosis and kyphosis).

Reduces the possibility of developing more serious conditions like disc protrusions, hernias, and others.

Minimizes the prerequisites for the development of various spinal curvatures in children (scoliosis, kyphotic deformations, etc.)

What's in the box?

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Gray, Blue, Red

Weight able to carry



12 months


Beech, Cloth









All people with a sitting working posture


Others, Kyphotic deformities, Scoliosis

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, absolutely! Our kneeling chair is designed to be suitable for all age groups including adults, children and teenagers. It is recommended for all age groups. For people under 165 cm tall, it is recommended to purchase an additional knee pad.

Ergo Active offers a range of benefits including improved posture, relief from back and lower back pain, improved circulation, better breathing and increased muscle engagement.

To be able to!   The chair teaches children proper posture. The unique body positioning of the kneeling chair contributes to maintaining the correct physiological curves of the spine, minimizing the risk of spinal diseases such as scoliosis and kyphotic deformities in children. This product will help get rid of osteochondrosis when forming a posture and reduce the tendency to slouch. With this chair you can reduce the possibility of developing disc protrusions and hernias.

The design of the chair encourages movement while sitting, which leads to improved blood circulation. Supports the movement of lymph during sitting.

Yes, Ergo Active is highly recommended by a variety of professionals including physiotherapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and doctors.

Yes, it is be able to! Constant movement while sitting on the kneeling chair helps burn calories, making it a great addition to a healthy lifestyle. The chair trains and strengthens the muscles of the body.

Reviews of customers who have purchased the product.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
На 3 June

Изненадан съм ! Бях супер скептичен, но жената се възползва от услугата „безплатен тест в домашни условия“ и за 4 часа успя да ме убеди . Ползвам модела Ergo Active Gravity вече 4 месеца и спокойно мога да го препоръчам

Свилен Велизаров
Rated 5.0 out of 5
На 3 January

Видях, пробвах аз и сина ми, и мога да кажа, че наистина е уникален!

Малкия сега си пише домашните напълно изправен и съм спокоен за гърба му!

Антонио Димитров
Rated 5.0 out of 5
На 5 September

A chair that is designed to support more gentle sitting. Plus, it's made in Bulgaria! I'm very satisfied. Thank you!

George Parlakov
Confirmed order
Rated 5.0 out of 5
На 14 August

"It prevents deformation in the pelvis and spine but allows activation of all balancing muscles, which usually go dormant while sitting. I feel a natural support for the back, chest, and arms 🙂 🙂

Confirmed order
Rated 5.0 out of 5
На 10 August

This chair is definitely worth the investment. It's not only functional but also looks great in my office. A big 'bravo' to the manufacturers. The best part is that it's Bulgarian!

Magdalena Nikolova
Confirmed order
Rated 5.0 out of 5
На 10 August

The chair is truly revolutionary! After weeks of use, I notice a clear difference in my comfort and especially in my posture. Not to mention the impact on my daily productivity.

Radoslava Mihailova
Confirmed order
Rated 5.0 out of 5
На 10 August

My family loves Stoleto's chairs! Each of us has one and now I wonder what we did before without them. Comfort, style, and health in one.

Vitkor Stoyanov
Confirmed order
Rated 4.0 out of 5
На 10 August

The chair is perfect for children and teenagers. My son loves sitting on it during his online lessons at home.

Dimitur Kostov
Confirmed order
Rated 5.0 out of 5
На 10 August

Wonderful product for children and adults. As a mother, I'm very pleased that I can provide my children with the correct posture during their studies. Also, the chair is comfortable for me when I work from home. за мен, когато работя от вкъщи.

Sofia Yaneva
Confirmed order
Rated 5.0 out of 5
На 10 August

Ergo Active is a real miracle! I work long hours at a desk and by the end of the workday, it's hard to move, I feel sharp pains when bending, and it's generally quite uncomfortable. With this chair, things are much better! Already in the 2nd week of use, it really eases the tension. е доста некомфортно. Със стола нещата са доста по-добре! Вече 2-ра седмица на ползване, наистина успокоява напрежението.

Elena Dimitrova
Confirmed order

The Ergo Double is the perfect solution for people looking for a chair for active sitting but on a budget. This product provides the same benefits of proper posture and active sitting, but at a more affordable price.

Why Ergo Double?

We understand that spinal health is key for everyone, so we want to offer an option that is more affordable. Ergo Double is the result of our efforts to provide solutions for everyone, without compromising on quality and benefits.

One of the main advantages of the Ergo Double is its ability to maintain proper posture. This product helps sitters keep their backs in the correct position, reducing the risk of spinal misalignment, shoulder and back pain, and more.

Suitable for All Ages

The Ergo Double is suitable for people of all ages who want to benefit from the health benefits of active sitting. From children to adults, this product is designed for anyone who wants to take care of their spine health.